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As your Clinical Hypnotherapist let me show you how to gain control of your life with hypnotherapy.
Marie Benton, Hypnotherapist Brisbane

Welcome to the first step on the path towards the life that you truly want to live.  Can you imagine achieving all your goals, such as kicking that unwanted habit or belief? Leaving behind anxiety, stress and depression?  Relieving that unnecessary pain? Raising your self confidence and self esteem to such a degree that you absolutely know that you are finally in control?  Lose weight. Stop smoking.  You can do all this – and more – in the  comfort of hypnosis.

Hypnotherapy is a wonderfully safe and effective guide along that path. During your Hypnotique treatment sessions I cultivate a feeling of trust, giving encouragement and motivation. I develop a unique rapport with my clients, enabling them to comfortably make changes and break down barriers, allowing them to quickly reach the ultimate growth that they are seeking. Complete self empowerment!

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Professional Association Membership

Australian Hypnotherapists Association
The Australian National Hypnotherapy Register
National Hypnotherapists Register of Australia
The Newton Institute (TNI) for Life Between Lives® Hypnotherapy